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List all values from table on the table's layout

Question asked by JosephMauriello on Aug 30, 2014
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List all values from table on the table's layout


I'm attempting to implement a feature that will make m solution a bit more usable. 

I'm building a database that keeps track of activities, and the kinds of activities (Activity_Types), that are conducted throughout the course of a program. There are only so many different types of activities - it's a short list, but it must be modified from time to time. 

On the layout where users add and Activity_Types, I'd like there to be a list of all Activity_Types that currently exist, simply for the purpose of reference. That way, the user can view the list and see whether the activity type they are about to add is already on the list.

I tried using the list function in a global field in the Activity_Types table - but nothing showed up in the field. 

How would you do this?