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      List Box


      Is there any way to make a pick list in filemaker, or anything like it at all. I am trying to allow users to select more than 1 item from a value list. I could use a checkboxs but is there anything else i could use?



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          Another method is to use a portal to display the values. Each value has to be stored in a separate record in a table. Then you set up the field or fields in the portal as a button that performs a script. You set the script up to reference the current row in the portal (your mouse click on the button/field makes it the current row) to do whatever you need to see happen when such a portal row is clicked. You can even set up the field to highlight to show that it is selected or set up a check box field that shows itself checked and this can be set up to support multiple selections.


          In addition to all of the above, since this is in a portal, you can set it up with a vertical scroll bar for added flexibility if you need to.


          Judging from your other posts, I suspect that you're fairly new to Filemaker. If so, look up Portal in the on line help system first.


          If this has potential for you, let me know and describe exactly what you want to do and I'll go into more detail.

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               Sure you can also use radio buttons, drop down lists, and popup menus... Shift is your friend.