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List Calculation based on contents of another field

Question asked by Annette on Oct 31, 2014
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List Calculation based on contents of another field


Hello, I have a table which I would like to create a list for the related record of all the records of one of the field contents.  Easy with the calculation function.  The twist is I only want a record to be included in the list if a second field is blank.  The if is empty function with the list isn't working for me, unless I'm doing it wrong.  Any ideas? 

Basically I have a one table that is people.  I have a second table that has items.  The two are related by the people pk.  If an item that was on the table at one time is no longer valid for the person for any reason there is an additional field a note is placed in.  So the list field I want is to show only those items which are still valid, ie have no note in the additional field therefore it's blank.