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    LIST does not include all the records



      LIST does not include all the records



      My problem is pretty simple, I have a table with the fields "first name" and "last name".

      On another layout, I want a drop down menu list all the records with their first name AND last name.

      I created a portal with a field that displays a list from the related table with "first name" and "last name", which seems to work fine BUT... some of the records are missing.

      I really can't figure out why, it seems totally random.

      I tried sorting the list in different ways, only with "first name", then only with "last name".

      I tried to enter a new record with the same first and last name, but nothing changed.

      Any idea ?



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          My suggestion would be to add a calculation field that combines first and last names and use the calculation field in your layout.

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            What's probably hiding values from you is that value lists routinely filter out duplicate values. If you have two records for John, John Smith and John Jones with first name as column 1 and last name as column 2, you will only see one of the two "John" values as the other is a duplicate value and it will then be filtered out.

            Given that names are not unique and subject to change, you may find that using only a name for your value list is not your best option here. (Depends on what you use it for.) You may want to use a serial number field for column 1 and the combined name field as suggested by Alan Olson for Column 2. (Note:  if you sort on column 2, duplicates in column 2 will be dropped out also, which sometimes requires using a text field with a auto-entered calculation to combine the names so that you can set a unique values validation rule on it to catch the duplication during data entry.)

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              Thanks guys !

              Amazingly fast reply, and it works !

              I added the calculation field "Full name" and use it to link my different tables, and it works great.


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                Hi Guys I am stuck on the same issue, Thanks Phil for pointing out the filtering which goes on which explans why I cannot see the duplicate entries within "Surname" I tried to follow the suggestions above and add a "Full_Name" field  a calulation "Surname" & "FirstName"  with the result Text but the field stays empty.

                I also tried Auto-enter Calculation replacing existing value, "Surname" & "FirstName"

                How do I fource the table to update and show the combined name?

                I guess I main Issue I am having is combing the two fields on the existing table. 

                Can you please shed some light on that for me



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                  Sorry guys. I found my own silly mastake Wink      Firstname & " " & Lastname

                  sorry to bother you