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List entry input

Question asked by miw on Jan 22, 2009
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List entry input


I have a two table relational DB.  In Table 2, I have an entry input (list) based on a list of names in a field from Table 1 in order to establish the linkage.  That part is simple; but I also want to include at the bottom of the list another option which would allow the user to go to Table 1 if the desired input is not yet listed in Table 1.  So I was thinking of adding at the the bottom of the defined list from Table 1:  "Go to Table 1 if not listed" and then execute a script going to Table 1 if that was the selection.  How can I append the Table 1 list to also include such notation?  (I do not want to create a record in Table 1 with this input nor do I want to let the field be added to Table 1 via the Table 2 layout screen.)