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    List field



      List field



           I am trying to create a list calculation taking results from other fields. 

           I have four fields , we'll call them F1, F2, F3, F4 for the purposes of keeping it simple....they are basically just where the users place an X if the field applies to them.

           I want to create a list field that combines all that have an X into one line seperated by a comma (,)....but if there is an X in the field I want to replace it with a word. 

           So if F1 has an "X" i want it to place "One", F2 has an "X" then "Two" and so on.

           I thought it was a Case function such as :

           Case (F1 = "X" ; "One" ; F2 = "X"; "Two", etc but this way it only lists the first one (Those where there was an X in all four fields only listed the first one. 

           What am I doing wrong and how do I get it to put them in one line seperating each by a comma?

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               You have to check the contents of each field separately and then combine the results.

               Substitute ( List ( If (F1 = "X" ; "one" ) ; If ( F2 = "X" ; "Two" ) ; If ( F3 = "X" ; "Three" ) ; If ( F4 = "X" ; "Four" ) ) ; ¶ ; ", " )

               But if you replaced your 4 separate fields with one text field formatted as a check box set with the values One ; Two ; Three ; ..., All you would need would be this calculation:

               Substitute ( CheckBoxField ; ¶ ; ", " )

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                 Thank you!!!


                 Yes, I agree it would be much easier the second way and how I would have liked to set it up but I'm working off old info that was pulled in from what was originally an excel document completed with all seperate columns.....thought it would be easier to do this in a report i'm generating rather than re-doing the way it was originally set up. 


                 Thanks again!!!  :)