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List Filtering

Question asked by Vinny on Mar 22, 2012
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List Filtering


I have several instances where I would like to present a list (i.e. of customer accounts), and have several filters for the user to apply.  These filters will have defaults (set at layout load).  I also want to have a search bar, with spotlight search capabilities (if not too complex).

I have developed a List view version of this, but applying all the filters (global fields in pop up menus) is a pain, and the search & filtering seems to have to be applied any time something changes.

So...I started looking at using a filtered portal.  This works great for filtering, but not so great for the search function.

With the list view, I can use the find mode method to implement my search (enter find mode, set field, perform find), and it results in the type of find that I want and like ("wor" will include items with "word" or "work", and also handles multiple words.

Is there a simple way to implement the same search type in a filtered portal as there is with the list view?  I was hoping to avoid using a custom function, but will if I have to.  I don't like the search results that ExplodeMultiKey gives...


Please let me know.