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    List Function for related records



      List Function for related records



           I have a print layout where I am trying to list a number of fields from related records, as of now I have had no success and an hoping someone here can help.

           I have a table for people with a one to many relationship to table encounter which has a one to many relationship with table referral

           I created a calculation field in Referral table, "c_completeRecord" which is a join of all of the fields in that table.

           Then on the Encounter table I created a calculation field with List ( Referral::c_CompleteRecord ).

           Unfortunately this lists all records from all encounter instead of just the encounter in the found set, I have verified that the layout is showing records from encounters and not people.

           Is there anything I might be missing?

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               List ( Referral::c_completeRecord )

               If defined in encounter can only list data from all records in referral that are linked to the current encounter record. If this lists data from all records in referral, then something is not set up correctly in the relationship between encounter and referral.

               But this seems like you are doing things the hard way. With the above one to many relationships in a nice linear chain, I'd set up a list view layout based on Referral, not encounter. Fields from People can be placed in the header, footer and grand summary layout parts. Fields from encounter can be placed in sub summary layout parts with fields from referral placed in the body. A find or go to related records can restrict the reports found set to just those referral records linked to a specific record in People.