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list in field is not user specific

Question asked by d.vanlooij on Aug 21, 2014
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list in field is not user specific



     I have a problem with a new database I am building.
     The database consists of 1 data table (= OEE_yearly), 1 user table and a layout with charts(xmcharts plugin).

     For the plugin on the layout I need a list of a selection of the data in the data table based on the user. (userid is included in the datatable as a field). I build a calculation field in the user table which states:

     =List(OEE_yearly::OEE%) and OEE_yearly::User = $$Currentuser

     $$Currentuser is generated on login on database

     However when I do this it doesn't work. I only get the number 1 back and not a list in this field.

     When I eliminate the part : " and OEE_yearly::User = $$Currentuser " in the calculation then the list is generated but with all the data in the table.

     How can I fix this?