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Question asked by heziki on Jun 1, 2010
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List Layout


I have recently upgraded to FileMaker 11 Advanced from FileMaker 9 Advanced. I'm on a XP64 machine with SP2. I have a simple database with information about schools. I've used it for the last three years and everything was working great. After the update I noticed that a couple of my list views were no longer working. I have one layout that has navigation in the header section, four fields (entity, website, status, last edited) in the body, and nothing else. The navigation consists of a few buttons to go from layout to layout. When I try to view the layout in list view the browser flashes for a split second and I see what I would be seeing and then I get a blank page with a placeholder for the one record I have selected. When I switch to form view everything seems to work okay. It also works fine in FileMaker itself.


I can't see what the problem is. I'm pretty good with this and I usually don't have to submit anything to support. I've tried Opera, IE, FireFox, Chrome, and Safari. Another strange thing is that not all of my list views are broken. I've even taken one of the non-broken list views, copied it to my broken list layout, and it still showed blank.


It's being shared via Web Publishing, FileMaker Network, and ODBC. I have it running on FileMaker Server 11 Advanced. There are 143 records to display in this list and I have as many as 1200 in my working list.


Pic of layout:


Working in FileMaker:


Showing on Web:

Here's the working layout: