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    List like images



      List like images



      I have an inherited database from another developer. That being said the user adds in the search form for instance moccassin and it will go to a form that will show the first record. I would like it to also show the next 3 three records of moccassin that they click on. Can someone help on this ; )



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          A Filemaker database can have many views (layouts)

          A form layout for data entry.
          A list layout for selecting and sorting records.
          A form layout for printing.
          A form layout for single record display.

          A list view with a larger record list area for viewing more detailed informaiton on each found record.

          This is what you are looking for, I believe.

          Duplicating the example form layout would be easiest.

          Remove unneeded elements and turn it into a list layout.

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            With a relationship and possibly a filtered portal, the horizontal row of three related images are quite possible to produce here.

            You can set up 3 instances of the same portal, for example, and the first portal is a one row portal showing the first row, the second portal is one row showing the second row....

            You'd need a relationship--possibly with a portal filter to control which records with these images appear in these one row portals.

            This, BTW, is called a "horizontal portal" in FileMaker jargon...