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List menu from specific field

Question asked by ConnorMacLeod on Apr 30, 2015
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List menu from specific field


Hello there.

I have a table "Banks_Accounts" and inthere a field "__pkAccount"
I Also have a table "Debit_n_Credit_Cards" and a fiels "Main_Account"

Say i want create a new record in table "Debit_n_Credit_Cards". I complete the other fields and now its time to put some value to "Main_Account". So I want to display a menu with all values that i have in the other table in all records on field "__pkAccount". Say i have now 2 __pkAccounts (000-000-0023 and 000-000-0050) and i also have a list with this two accounts and i assing the list to "Main_Account". But if later i put anothe record (lets say 112-001-0073) in "__pkAccount", i want the list to auto updated and in a new record at "Main_Account" can be able to display now all 3 choises in the list.