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List not being updated correctly

Question asked by Kaps_1 on Aug 21, 2013
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List not being updated correctly


     I have a list which is not being updated properly. The name of the list is " top 50 specialities as list". It is being created from a value list


     top 50 specialities as list = ValueListItems(Get(FileName);"top 50 specialities")

     "top 50 specialities" is a value list - whose definition is shown in the first screenshot.

     This value list is updated via the user and a script - see the second screenshot.

     However, if I had a new record say "Florist", the list  "top 50 specialities as list" is not updated straight away. If I added another field to my list e.g "Roofer", then "Florist" now appears on the list, but not "Roofer". If I added a third item, e.g "lawyer" then "Roofer" is added but not "lawyer". i.e the list seems to update with the previous value rather than the current value. Does anybody have any thoughts ?