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List of active employee and total days of absent

Question asked by WeirdMan on Jul 24, 2013
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List of active employee and total days of absent


     Hi, I am currently working for a salary database solution. I am looking to show a list of active employee with count of absent day in a specified date range.

     I have employee table with resigned field (boolean value), daily transaction table for working hour and work category. Absent is in working category value list. So the way to seek if an employee is absent in a specified date is to check their working category on that day.

     I tried to use solution from this thread: with addition that I create a calculation field (absent) in daily transaction table with this formula < If (ID_Category = absent ; 1 ; 0 ) > and a summary field < total of absent>. I use relationship as attached (karyawan is employee in Indonesian language), and the summary result is total of all absent category from all employee

     What do I miss? How to get it work?