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List of existing records within a layout?

Question asked by JasonGriffing on Sep 26, 2012
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List of existing records within a layout?


     Hey all,

     I'm sure this is a very simple question.  But I'm pretty new to Filemaker and am not sure how to go about finding the answer via search, so I'll just throw it out there.

     I have a table called "Clients".  I have a single layout for this table.  At the top of the layout I would like a list (maybe a portal is actually what I'm after) of all the current records in the client table.  I'm not seeing how to do this using portals though.  I know you can create multiple instances of tables in Manage : Database : Relationships, and then do a self join.  However, once I do that I'm still not able to figure out what relationship I should be creating between the self-join tables?

     I hope this question makes some sense.  I'm basically just looking for a way to view of list of records within a layout without having to switch views.