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List of open jobs on layout

Question asked by lowededwookie on May 12, 2014
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List of open jobs on layout


     Hi all,

     I'm having a bit of a problem working out how to achieve a list of jobs as a list in a layout.

     My need is to have a front screen that lists jobs in a list form much like what's displayed in a portal that displays only the open jobs according to the currently logged in user.

     Before I get into the second bit I need to understand how to do the first bit. A portal is going to be useless because that's only going to display at best one entry tied to that particular record which is not what I want because I need it to display ALL records.

     I know there is list view but list view is not what I'm after because I want it to be wrapped in a nice looking uniform interface with the rest of the database.

     Can someone be good enough to explain how I can achieve this please? I just cannot seem to visualise how this is achieved because I can't see a layout object for what I need. I know the answer is going to be simple.