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    List of Users



      List of Users


      Hi All,

      I have two tables Users & Daily Reports, In my Users table I have the following  fields:

      Field NamesTypesOptions
      UserIDTextAuto-enter Serial
      AccountNameCalculationGet ( AccountName )
      CreationAccountTextCreation Account Name

      In my Daily Reports Table I have the following fields:

      Field NamesTypesOptions
      ID_DailyReportsTextAuto-enter Serial
      AccountNameCalculationGet ( AccountName )
      CreationAccountTextCreation Account Name

       The two tables are connected by UserID & ID_DailyReports

      I am making a summary that will show the User Names on the top (Horizontal) and on my Vertical will be the Project Codes.

      Please find attached excel image of what Im trying to accomplish.

      Thank you so much in advance to any help that you can extend.




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          Your daily reports table should have a foreign key that is populated by the primary key from the user table.  Leave the primary key, but add a foreign key. It should just be a text field, not an auto enter serial

          In the relationship:

          UserID will connect to _fkUserID (the foreign key in the Daily reports Table

          This is the proper way to connect the relationship.

          After that is corrected, you will have to re connect the records so the relationship works,   Then you should be able to create a simple report (just to make sure the data is correct) 

          Now as far as the actual report, if everything else is set up, you would need to google 'FileMaker Cross-Tab Report' for a step by step method of creating a cross tab report.

          For example, where does the number 26 come from (the intersection of User 1 and Project 1)