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List report using GetSummary(xx;part) in all other layout parts

Question asked by Stu412 on Jun 21, 2015
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List report using GetSummary(xx;part) in all other layout parts


I have a list report I'm building which requires percentages to be shown on each row.  The data table has many rows each one belonging to a what eventually is a layout part (Income, North, East, South, West).

The report shows total income at the top (as a part based on the name 'Income) with other parts beneath showing expenses (based on the names North, East, South, West).  Each part has many rows within it contributing to the total expense for the area.

This was pretty easy to set up and display the data in the columns I needed.  

I now am struggling to display percentages which unfortunately is not a simple as just expense/income due to all the summarising required.  I need to show the row by row values with a percentage of income in each area, ie, expenses as a percentage of income.

The problem is the income figure.  I can calculate it using "If BreakField="Income"'GetSummary(Total;BreakField)"  The issue here is that FM will place the result on the first part (simply because it is Income), but it will not calculate this on the other parts because they're not Income.

This means that on the other parts, there's a zero value when I look to do the percentage calculation which then fails.

So, how do I get a consistent figure from Part 'Income' to appear on all other parts in a list layout report so I can use it in calculations against other part figures??