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List Reporting Issue

Question asked by carlz_1 on May 12, 2009
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List Reporting Issue


FM 10


I have a main table called Applicants and 4 other tables, Financials, Realty, Vehicles and Life Insurance all related to Applicants in a Star shape.

I want to be able to list on one page, a listing of all Financials, All Realty, All Vehicles and all Life Insurance.


What I have been doing is inserting 4 portals onto the report.  If possible, I would like to simply show a listing of all of these assets in a streamline report. 


Asset              Type                      Amount

Cadillac            Vehicle                  $15,000

Checking           Bank                     $5,000

AIG                  Annuity                  $50,000





I was considering teh creation of a join table to do this but that makes the other items I need more complicated.



Any ideas?  Thank you.