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    List unchecked from checkbox



      List unchecked from checkbox



           I was wondering if someone would be able to give me some insight on how (or even if) I can create a list based on unchecked items in a check box. My final goal is the have a list of uncheck between two checkboxes. I am creating a course list that has one checkbox for courses completed, one for courses currently enrolled and would like one populated with courses still need to be taken. Any help would be hugely appreciated. Thanks!


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               It could be done--custom function (Requires Filemaker 12 to create and/or install in the file) or a script to loop through the check box's value list to build a list of unselected values, but this sounds like something best not done with a single field with a group of check boxes assigning values all to the same field. A related table of records would make this process much simpler.

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                 Thanks for the quick response. I have a conditional value listed (Concentration) that will dictate the list of courses listed. I have made another table with each course having 2 options to chose (Enrolled, Completed, Needed) but I can't figure out how to get them to display and have each course connected to a response. Any thoughts?

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                   Typically, this requires three tables to link student records to courses:


                   Students::__pkStudentID = Student_Courses::_fkStudentID
                   Courses::__pkCourseID = Student_Courses::_fkCourseID

                   Student_courses would take the place of your single field formatted with a set of check boxes. A portal to it on your students layout can be used to select courses from the Courses table. You can then use a status field in Student_Course to indicate: "enrolled, completed, needed..." and there will be many different reports you can generate from the records in Student_Course by using a list view layout based on that table.

              For an explanation of the notation that I am using, see the first post of: Common Forum Relationship and Field Notations Explained
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                     Thank you again for taking the time to help me. I created the relationships as you mentioned. I had to create another occurance of my Contacts Table to have my conditional value list work and I still can't seem to get it to show what I would like. Here is my diagram...

                     Contacts---<Student_Course>----Course>----Contacts 2

                     In contacts, I have fields WIN (StudentID), concentration among other address things. 

                     In student_courses, I have fields Status, WIN, courses

                     In Course, I have fields Concentration, Courses

                     I have three value lists: Concentration which gets values from Course::Concentration, Status which is a custom list (Enrolled, Completed, Needed) and the conditional list Courses which gets value from Courses::Courses but only includes values from Contacts 2 Relationship.

                     I have attached an image of the layout as it is now. The courses listed are dependant on the concentration chosen from the pull down menu. I would like to just have the courses listed (not in a checkbox as it is now) with a radio button next to each course with the status to select. I can't seem to get that to work with what you had mentioned above. I can use the portal to list courses and status next to it but there seems to be no relationship between the two (when i have 5021 in course list and chose completed as status, if i change 5021 to 5024 in the dropdown, completed is still selected and was never attached to the 5021 course for that student. Thank you again for taking the time to help.

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                       and the conditional list Courses which gets value from Courses::Courses but only includes values from Contacts 2 Relationship.

                       please explain the relationship between contacts 2 and courses. What is its purpose? What values are you matching in it? I think you are matching records by concentration, but would like to be sure.

                       What you will need, unless you wanted to do this by hand, is to create a script that uses the relationship from contacts 2 to courses (i'd use a new occurrence of courses and link it to contacts by concentration.) to pull up a found set or list of course ID's. The script then uses a loop to create one record in Student_Course for each course in the found set or list. Portals student Course can then be filtered to provide lists of courses matching the two groups of checkboxes in your screen shot.


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                         The relationship was to allow me to only have courses for that concentration shown. 

                         Ex: When the math concentration is picked 501 502 will show. When eng is picked, 301 302 shows. etc. 

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                           That is what I assumed in my preceding two posts, but wanted to be sure.