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List view changes to Form view; all of a sudden

Question asked by Polarpro on Dec 7, 2009
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List view changes to Form view; all of a sudden


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Hi everyone,


In a lot of my layouts I use a script triggered search-as-you-type feature together with list view: The head of the layout contains a field where the user enters a search string, and below there is a list showing all matching records.


For a few days now it has happened that the list view jumps to form view, and I cannot figure out the reason. It only happens when I open a record from the list in (full) form view in a new window. After going back to the search field and entering a new character (in other words: making the search script run) the jump takes place.


Using the script debugger I found out that the jump happens right after a Commit Record step. I use a few of them in my search script.


Sure, I can add a ViewAs [View as List] script step; but honestly, I’d rather would like to know why this all of a sudden happens. I haven't changed anything in my search scripts. And it happens now in all of them.


Any ideas?


Thank you,


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