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    List view daily schedule



      List view daily schedule


      This might be a bit ambitious or entirely possible. I have two relevant tables which I think should achieve the following approach: Requests Table and Staff.








      The Staff information is just relevant information such as FirstName, LastName etc... Can I create a list view which has a calender toggle and below showing the requests that have been created for that day - see below picture for rough plan. So each member of staff can see their schedule for the day and click on the request tied to the dots and lines.

      It would also be great if I could prevent someone creating the same record request which matches the same StaffName, StartTime, EndTime, RequestDate - so prevent duplicate requests at any one time. Any advance would be fantastic, thanks as always!


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          To start, you'll need a third table for assigning staff to a specific request.


          The data that you'd need to use to generate the above example would come from this Staff_Request table.

          It gets more complicated from there.

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            Thanks Phil, 

            How would it work with the following table instances: 

            Requests, Staff, Agencies

            I want one given request which allows an agency to accept, decline or tentative a request that has been entered for a client. 

            The aim is to have a conditional value list on the requests layout so when an Agency 1 from dropdown is selected, the staff dropdown next to it  would only show staff members in Agency 1. This is kind of, off topic from the orginal forum post/question - sorry. It's somewhat relevant.

            I can't get my head around the relationships for this one. 

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              Agencies would be linked to staff in a one to many relationship Agencies---<Staff-----<Staff_requests

              Agencies::__pkAgencyID = Staff::_fkAgencyID

              but in order to set up a basic conditional value list in which selecting an Agency filters a value list of staff down to just staff associated with that agency, you'd need an additional occurrence of Staff.


              Staff_Requests::_fkAgencyID = Staff|VL::_fkAgencyID

              You can then set up a value list that lists values from Staff|VL, include only related values starting from Staff_Requests

              For more about conditional value lists, see "Adventures in FileMaking #1 - conditional value lists" for examples of 10 different ways to set up a conditional value list, including a basic conditional value list like the one set up here.