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    List view Date dropdown



      List view Date dropdown


           Hi, I have a layout that shows history of deposits. I want to create a list view of this history, but I want to use the date field as a drop down box where when I select a specific date, it shows only those records corresponding to that date. Right now even though I have my dates in a drop down box, it shows all records regardless of the date selected.. Is it possible to do this? Thanks.

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               So if you select 9/3/2013, you want to see a value list from just those records where a date field also has 9/3/2013? We call that a conditional value list. Here are a few links on the subject:

               There's a lot of overlap between the first two links so you can read one and skim the other. The demo file gives you several examples of different conditional value lists so you can examine them to see how they are set up. If you are using FileMaker 12, you can open this demo file from your File menu to get a converted copy of the demo file that you can examine in FileMaker 12.

               The last link discusses how to set up a chain of conditional value lists where the value selected in each conditional value list controls the values listed in the next value list.

               Forum Tutorial: Custom Value List?

               Knowledgebase article: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5833/kw/conditional%20value%20list

               Demo File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j6qf0z9fnem3uxd/ConditionalValueListDemo.fp7

               Hierarchical Conditional Value lists: Conditional Value List Question

               Feel free to post follow up questions here if those links aren't enough to get your value lists working correctly.

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                 Actually I don't think thats exactly waht I want. I want to be able to make a drop down list of Date that when i select a specific date from that list, it shows me a list of records that have that date value. I can't figure out how to set this up as this drop down list is just a modifiable field currently. I want to be able to just select dates and then only see records for those dates. 1 date area, select the date I want, then see a list of recordsthat all were made on that date.

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                   There are two approaches that list records for that date (instead of values in the value list).

              1.           Use a portal where the date field where you select a date is one of the match fields.
              3.           Make the drop down list field a global date field and then use a script trigger to perform a script that finds your records. Here's a thread of scripted find examples that you may find useful: Scripted Find Examples