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List View Graphics Not Autosizing

Question asked by jetmaster on May 27, 2011
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List View Graphics Not Autosizing


I created a layout to fit portrait mode on iPAD. I set several graphics to autosize with anchors on left and right so they would expand in landscape mode. When I did this in FORM VIEW the graphics (blue rectangle at top, gray rectangle at bottom) expanded properly. But when I took the same graphics with the same autosize settings in LIST VIEW the graphics do NOT expand to fill up the landscape orientation. Perhaps importantly, on the DESKTOP in LIST VIEW, the graphics do expand as the window is made larger but NOT UNTIL the scroll bar at the bottom of the window disappears. That is, you can drag the window wider and just white space is added after the graphics until the scroll bar disappears and THEN the graphics begin to expand. On the iPad they never do in the LIST VIEW but again, are fine in the FORM VIEW.

Screen shot attached. I am at a loss. I've tried everything I could think of.