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    List view in tab panel



      List view in tab panel


      The new tab controls in 12 are terrific but I have a question. Is it possible to have a list view of a table in a tab control? It sounds far fetched but the power of being able to do this would open up new possbilities. I have a database that really needs this capability for drag and drop without the need of creating a new window on top of another window to do the drill, something FMgo for iPad, as far as I know does not support. Any info on this would be great.



      Bob Moran

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          You can't make a list view inside a tabpanel, but you could make a portal.

          A portal doesn't have subsummary parts, but you could restrict the records shown in the portal with a dropdown list.

          For instance contacts only fom a certain state, or products of a certain category.

          But I don't know what you are trying to accomplish so I can't really give any concrete tips.

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            What I need to do is have a set of pre configured searches that a user can click to get a list of viable options. From there, the user can click drag the one she wants onto the view containint the table she wants to update. If a portal can work, terrific, but how can that be set up as the table in question has a large number of items in it. Can portals act like a list? Any tips would be most appreciated. :)

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              Portals can be limited to show only a certain amount of information.

              One thing I like to do is create two portals. For instance for Equipment.

              I'll have one portal on the left side that has categories. And if you click one category the second portal on the right show only the items in that category.

              But I don't know anything about what you are trying to achieve so I can't give you any concrete solutions.

              If you give me a little more info on what you want to create I might be able to suggest something more concrete.

              For instance, what data are you working with? What do you need to fill in? What are the predetermined searches?

              What are the viable options you talk about? Are you dealing with a contacts database? Or with products? Or with ...?

              You talk about dragging onto a view to update a table.
              That's probably confusing a few terms. Because that's not really possible.

              Just try to explain a little to me in plain language how you would like to use your solution. And then we'll go from there.

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                Hi DaSait,


                Your idea on portals is awesome!! I will check this out as it may solve the problem. Never thought about portals in this way. Thank you so much. :)




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                  Here is a little demo file i recently made for someone. It features portals you can click in order to display information.

                  You could have a peak at is to see how it is done: