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List view page down not working right

Question asked by SteveKeiser on Feb 13, 2015


List view page down not working right


I have seen posts about scrolling in FM12, and maybe this is related but here is my problem. On the MacOS built in scroll bar, there is a square icon that can be selected and moved which then moves the window view up or down in a list layout view. If you click in the space below this square, the window is supposed to do a page down to display whatever is just below the current display. My problem is that in Filemaker 13 list views, this does not work correctly. When I click to get a page down view, it initially scrolls to the right position, but then the little twirling beach ball appears, and when it goes away, it scrolls again to the wrong position. I believe this happens in all of the list views. Any ideas about what is wrong?