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List View Problem

Question asked by mmccarty on May 6, 2009


List View Problem



  I have published my database to the web using IWP.  FileMaker's List View is quirky on the web.  When you click in a field it automatically reorders the list so that the field you are in is at the top of the screen. 


I know the easy fix is to use the script step Go to Record/Request[first].  That way my user will be able to view all the data.   I should also mention that I hide the status bar, forcing my users to navigate using only my buttons.  That script step was added to these navigation buttons.  So, if my user clicks on my buttons then no problem.


Having said that I need to know what to do when the user just clicks anywhere on the screen.  For example, I created a report and my boss clicks somewhere on the list.  The records appear to have reordered themselves and now he is confused. 


This is a large problem.  It will confuse my users if they accidentally click somewhere and the screen changes and now they can't see all the data. 


Anyone have an idea?