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List View query

Question asked by Annette on Aug 21, 2013
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List View query



     I have a layout which is set to list view to show clients on the database. 

     When the user is on the main menu they click a button which brings them to this layout, but into search mode allowing them to search for the specific client / range of clients, returning all matches in the list.  Works fine...all well there. 

     My question is, if someone clicks cancel find, it shows then all the clients, obviously.  What I would like to know is would it be possible to not show any clients when they click cancel, just be a blank page?

     The same when they click another button option which is to add a new client.....there is a custom dialogue box asking do they want to create a new client Yes / No (this was added cause everyone kept clicking the button to see what it did despite it clearly reading Add New Client and it was adding blank records) but behind that then appears the full list of clients again....I would like this to be blank as well if possible. 

     Hope I explained that well enough to follow me.

     Thanks for any help provided!