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List view records jumping around on record commit.

Question asked by user17265 on Mar 10, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2012 by philmodjunk


List view records jumping around on record commit.


PhilModJunk suggested I post this issue.  I have a layout in list mode used for parts ready for the next step in a process.  Several lots may be combined into one for the next process step so I have a button that puts a value in the clipboard, that can then be pasted into new records with a click in its relevant field.

But at the initial step, when comitting the first record update, the record jumps to a different place in the list.  There are no sorts involved in the script that copies or pastes these numbers.  The only script steps are Set Field and Set Variable.

On exploring more it appeared that FM was re-activating an earlier sort.  I sort on 3 fields coming into the layout, and have buttons on the columns to sort by those fields, and was not using the third field in those column sorts.  But FM was still sorting on that third field whenever I commited an edit change.  I deleted that third sort field in the script that loads the layout and the problem went away.

Are sorts supposed to remain active w/o being called on?