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    List View Sorting Based On CheckBox



      List View Sorting Based On CheckBox



           I have a report that lists product tests performed by an outside company in LIST VIEW.  I also have a DROPDOWN menu with a script that allows users to select a product name which refines the list to only products with that name. Further more I also have a CHECK BOX that I want to allow users to check if they want to refine the search to only records that have an internal test done by us (a comparison test).  The field for matching records is up and running fine.  The field called "Match" will display the matching serial number if we have tested it and if not is will say "No Match".  Want I want to do is have it so that when  the box is checked it will only show records that have a matching internal test.  I want this to work both on the master list and after a user has select a specific product.  So essential the user is saying "Show me all products.  Now show me all products that we have tested.  Now show me all of just product ABC that we have tested."

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               Is this a single value check box where the user either selects the option or does not?

               Do you know how to set up scripted finds that use data the user has entered/selected in fields?

               If not, you may want to examine the examples in this thread of scripted find examples: Scripted Find Examples

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                 Hi Phil-

                 Yes, this is a single value check box.  I would like so that when checked the list is confined to the matching records, and when unchecked, it returns to all records.  I am familiar with scripted finds, but not sure how to tie it all together.  Where should I trigger the script, on the checkbox or on the layout seeing as it is somewhat of a global function in that it must operate both when viewing the entire list as well as when the user selects and singles out a list of a particular product.  It's more of a toggle function if you will.  I have tried some scripts to no avail and could use a little nudge in the right direction.




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                   I gather by "sorting" you mean "finding" records.

                   Make both drop down list and check box fields fields with global storage. Set up your scripted find so that find criteria is entered via set field steps for both criteria in the find.

                   Set an OnObjectSave trigger on the drop down list and an OnObjectModify trigger on the check box field to both perform this script. Then a change in either field will update the found set to show the appropriate records.

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                     Very insightful question which attracted me so much. I conceive that I gained a lot towards the list view sorting from this topic. Very nice!