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List View Sorting Based On CheckBox

Question asked by productionQC on Aug 7, 2013
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List View Sorting Based On CheckBox



     I have a report that lists product tests performed by an outside company in LIST VIEW.  I also have a DROPDOWN menu with a script that allows users to select a product name which refines the list to only products with that name. Further more I also have a CHECK BOX that I want to allow users to check if they want to refine the search to only records that have an internal test done by us (a comparison test).  The field for matching records is up and running fine.  The field called "Match" will display the matching serial number if we have tested it and if not is will say "No Match".  Want I want to do is have it so that when  the box is checked it will only show records that have a matching internal test.  I want this to work both on the master list and after a user has select a specific product.  So essential the user is saying "Show me all products.  Now show me all products that we have tested.  Now show me all of just product ABC that we have tested."

     Hope this makes sense,