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List View vs Filtered Portals

Question asked by themactech. on Dec 2, 2014
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List View vs Filtered Portals


Hi everyone

Just another question seeking "best practice" advice. I have a Tasks table which is going to have a crap ton of records in it in a short amount of time. And I want the viewer to have a good experience while viewing and navigating the records. Right now I have the two typical views.. the entry view and the list view. Eventually the table is most likely going to have 10,000 records easily by the end of next year. And as Tasks are marked complete I'd like to take them out of the users immediate view but still accessible.

i know how to create relationships and show the data within filtered portals... maybe one for status.. complete, open, on hold.. or maybe just one with a drop down so the user can select which status they want to view at the time. Because from what I've read, a portal only pulls the records from the server as it needs them or as they come into view. Or maybe the list view is still better and have buttons that will perform finds based on status or whatever. 

From everything I've read. It's best to only give the user the data they need to see and not give them the whole lot at one time. 

Just looking for words of wisdom from the group.