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    List withing a Portal?



      List withing a Portal?


      I'm trying to pull up an inventory list based on different locations, but would like the list to appear within the framework of the program design.  I don't know if it will work to put the list inside a portal?  Here is the idea, but I can't seem to get it to work.

      Any ideas?  It is supposed to be like a browse list report inside this layout.





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          I can't read the language used in your layout, but if you want the portal to list each of the book titles you have in inventory, then this can indeed be done, but the details depend on the structure of your database--the tables and relationships you've set up for this purpose.

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            The language is Spanish and the columns are as follows:
            ISBN Number - Product Name - Author - Quantity - Price

            I got the relacionships lined out... I think.  I have the found set appearing in the first line, but not in the following lines.  I can scroll the mouse and the items scroll in the first line, but I need them to list out in the resto of the portal.



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              Portals do not display found sets. They display records that are related to the current record.

              To display all the records in a found set, use a list view or table view of your data.

              If you really want the portal, you'll have to figure out a way to set up either the relationship and/or a portal filter expression (FileMaker 11 only) that brings up the records you want to see in the portal.