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List-View with dynamic portal size?

Question asked by bterrell721 on May 1, 2013
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List-View with dynamic portal size?


     I am building a solution to allow me to create appraisal documents, and I need to be able to display layouts and print reports using this data.  I have a table of Appraisals which contains the client information and has a child table of Items, containing 1 or many items for that particular appraisal document.  Each item record has a child table of Components containing data on individual details about each item in the appraisal.  For my layout I need to be able to display this information in a clean and concise format;  I am using a layout based on Items in List view to show each item and it works great, but in order to display the Components for each item I am having to use a portal.  This portal contains a single field per row, which is one large Text Block that contains merge fields for each field in Components.  This looks great, except that I cannot think of any way to get the portal to size properly depending on the amount of text inside the block of merge fields, which can contain anywhere from 3-10 lines.  This leaves a lot of ugly open white space on my document as sliding does not work for dynamic portal sizes, and since I cannot use a list-view layout of the grandchild table (Components) to display this, I am at a loss as how I can set up a layout for each Appraisal that shows a list of Items each with their own Components nicely formatted.  Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!