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Question asked by slemdahrouch on Mar 14, 2013
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     Hi I'm new to Filemaker.

     I'm a Delphi programmer for 10 years. 1 year ago I swticht to Csharp( toke me 1 week to fully understand Csharp. 

     Becausse of a customer  who has filemaker, I'm started with filemaker 1 moths ago. And still a can not understand It

     why is filemaker not logical.  I have a database which have a Catalog and a artikel table in relation.

     a created a layout with a catalog dropdown field  (description) and a portal with al the artikels belong to the catalog.

     I like to have each time I klik the dropdown catalog field to select a catalog   to show me the related artikels to that catalog

     instead  the value of the catalog field changed to the selected one. whitch result of the artikels not mach the catalog

     How to do this ?