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Listing all records in a second Portal

Question asked by danphillips on Oct 22, 2012
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Listing all records in a second Portal



I have a training application and would like to build a bulk enrollment screen. What I attempting to accomplish is:  

User selects an previously scheduled class

A portal below shows the students that are already scheduled for this class

Then I would like to list all students in a second portal (to the right) along with a check box.  Once the students are selected, a button on the main screen will then run a script to "enroll" the sutdents by creating records in the class roster file.  

A big extra would be to allow the 2nd portal (with all students and the checked boxes) remain when the user selects another class 

Attached is a couple screen shots (1 file).

Any suggestions on how to go about accomplishing this would be GREATLY appreciated.