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    Listing Entries from Multiple Tables in one Cohesive Report



      Listing Entries from Multiple Tables in one Cohesive Report


      My application involves government forms.  I am using v. 10.  the form requires a listing of stocks, bonds, funds, etc on pn page where I have a portal for data entry and the information is listed in the Investments Table.  Then, there is a second page for entry of bank accounts.  Thus, I have a table for Investments and another one for bankaccounts.  Both are related to the applicant table.


      Both Bank Accounts and investments have a type code, 1 for checking, 2 for savings, 3 for stock, 4 for mutual funds, etc.  Both the Investments and Bank Accounts tables use these codes.


      I am still a Newbie.  I am trying to figure out how I can produce a list of all bank accounts and investments (and a life insurance and a few other items all kept in their own tables) on a vertical list. It would look like this:



      John Smith - Applicant

      1        Checking       ABC Bank              $2,000.10

      2         Savings        ABC Bank              $3,440.50

      2        Cert. Deposit  XYX Bank              $25,000.00

      4        Mutual Funds  Merrill Lynch          $55,000.00

      7        Annuity         AIG                       $40,000.00

      9        Property        Big Lake                $30,000.00


      The first 3 entries would be from the Bank Accounts Table, the next 2 from teh Investments Table.  I would like to add Life Insurance, etc that are kept in separate tables.


      for any direction you may have.         

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          Thank you for your post.


          You will need to link the Applicant information to the Bank Accounts and Investments information.  Once linked, on your Applicant information layout, you can place a portal into the Bank Accounts and Investments table and display the information.


          You can create a list/report (Layout Mode -> Layouts menu) that is based upon the Bank Accounts and Investments table that is summarized by the Applicant, and the body contains tthe type code, bank, amount, etc.


          Is there a reason why you have the Bank Accounts table and Investments table separate?  If they need to be separate, then you can create an additional table that has a link into Applicant, Bank Accounts and Investments tables.


          If you have difficulty setting this up, let me know where you are having difficulty and I'll try to help. 



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