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Listing events chronologically based on one _or_ another field

Question asked by MartinSørensen on Jan 25, 2011
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Listing events chronologically based on one _or_ another field


I am renting out holiday apartments and using Filemaker to keep track of bookings. 

I now want to generate the list of changes (moves in and out) for our cleaning lady to see when she is busy.

I have a Booking table with the fields Arrival Date, Departure Date and Arrival Time among others, and relations to 2 other tables.

The list I want looks something like

1 Feb: House1 Departure

3 Feb: House3 Departure

3 Feb: House3 Arrival, 3 persons

4 Feb: House1 Arrival, 2 persons

The list typically covers a month or so.

In other words, I want to make a list of records where //<Arrival Date<//+30 OR //<Departure Date<//+30, and I want to list them together, ascending. A record can occur twice!

Perhaps I need to do an event table, where the event is arrival or departure with date and time?

 Any good ideas how I go about this?