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Listing Layout Options

Question asked by garyjones on May 24, 2014
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Listing Layout Options



     I have a file, called jobs, that consists of a table of job records and each of which is owned by one of two users. Each job file has a unique id and other fields cover job title, description, creation date, image storage and other relevant variables.

     This file is part of a bigger solution and for that reason a portal summary listing of the jobs is more preferable to a listing layout.

     I can't find a specific answer to my question in the forum (though may be using incorrect search terms). My question is it possible to create a portal listing of files records within a database file - and not have to use the listing layout option.

     If so how? Or where can I find guidance? 

     I am not having much success and have read the general relationships information etc but still getting things wrong,

     All help appreciated as always. Thanks.