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    listing of a records according to entered criteria



      listing of a records according to entered criteria


      Please help! I have a database of maintenance buildings, with a record of all reports about problems that need to be solved. As we have crossed the figure of 6000 records it would be good to have a history of all the records sorted in some kind of a list of a records according to entered criteria and shown immediately. For example, if someone reports a problem, we write the address down and as we do that it would be great to immediately see a list of all reports from the specified street. Furthermore, when entering the house number of the building the report came from, to show us just the reports from that address. If someone has a solution, I would be grateful.

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          Howdy tonko,


          Welcome to the forum.


          What you seem to be looking for is a sorted 'List View' or 'Portal' of a 'Found Set' of records based on criteria that you need to define.


          Could you describe a little bit about how you are storing your current and old records?

          What tables, how to tell if a record is current or finished?

          That would help us to describe the best way to automate a Find step.


          knowing the version of FMP you are using will also help...FMP10?

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            I am using a Filemaker 10. We are storing records with a timestamp field and auto-complete ID number. After receiving, we forward record our employees to solve a problem or defect. For us, the case is resolved when we have surrendered the information since we have no control feedback at this time. What I mean is that I would like to have a possibility to enter a address and house number and on the same window instantly to see the history of all records based on these two values listed parallel with the records (Than I would know all the history of the calls made for that building instantly).

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              Howdy tonko,


              It seems that you are storing your records in a single table, with one record per problem.


              If you were to store your location record in one table, then store your problem in another, related table it would easily allow you to see related previous problems at that location.  You would be creating a one-to-many relationship.  You could then view your issues through a portal on your main layout.


              Look through the FMP helps to learn a little bit about related tables and portals to see if this is what you are looking for.


              Another way to approach this (I think perhaps less helpful, but I'm not sure) would be to Self-Join your table with another Table Occurence of the same table and link it by the Location field.  This may also get you the historical references that you seek.


              Does this make sense to you?  I do not know your skill level with FMP.


              A third way, far less helpful in my opinion, would be to have a "See Related" button that performs a find for the location and puts you into list view to view the list of problems at that location.  I think that this would be less user friendly, but also might give you what you are seeking.

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                   You might also do this with a summary report that groups all records for a given location under a common sub-heading. That approach can be more flexible should you need to print out such a report.
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                     Thanks for your help, on me is to try it in practice. I'll send results soon.