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    Listing Selective Fields



      Listing Selective Fields



      I am working in the Contact Management template for Filemaker Pro 10.

      One of the fields on the Record Detail Layout is Departament.

      I am trying to create a list where all of the Contact Records will be listed by Departament.

      At the same time I want to have the name of each departament listed at the top of the page and then all the corresponding entries bellow WITHOUT SHOWING THE DEPARTAMENT NEXT TO EACH NAME.

      I just want to see the Departament once at the top of the page(s).

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          Create a Subsummary Part……..


          Go to layout mode

          Under the INSERT menu choose Part

          Check “Subsummary when sorted by”

          Scroll the list of fields until you find “Department”

          Select any options from the checkboxes shown

          Click OK


          On your layout drag the Department field to the subsummarypart

          you just added…………………and remove it form the Body part


          Sort your records by the Department field and look at themin Preview mode.


          Your Department label wil show up above all the matchingrecords……it won’t show up in the Header part of the layout UNLESS you use thesubsummary part you created as the Header part….(deleting the actual “Heaqder”part.)

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            Thank you for this. It almost works perfect. One small issue.

            if a departament has too many members and continues on several pages how can I make the Subsummary to appeat at the top of each corresponding page and say something like "CONSTRUCTION DEPARTMENT CONT'D"

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              Thank you for your post.


              Put the Department field in the Header.  If you don't want the information to appear on the first page, then also include a Title header, which is identical to the Header, except the Department field does not appear.



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                This did work indeed.

                But alas another question has come up. I am sorry but I am very new at this.

                How can I list only the relative information on the list and omit fields that are empty (i.e. cell phone, home phone, email, etc.)

                In other words I want only the information that has been filled in on the Record Detail Layout to transfer to the List Layout.

                Currently I have all of the fields showing: such as cell phone, home phone, etc., but for many of the entries they remain blank.

                How can I make them invisible since they are not filled with info?

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                  In your layout, just remove the fields you don't want to display.  That is, cell phone, home phone, email.  If you want these fields on the layout, then create a new layout with just the the fields you want to print.



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                    What I am actually trying to do is adjust the settings so that it displays the field if there is information in it. For example in the Record Layout I have all the fields available, but not every contact has a cell number.

                    How can I tell the Contact List Report to only display fields that contain information from the Record Display Layout.

                    Also is there a way to only display certain contacts from the Record Layout onto the Contact List Report. It currently shows all of them. Can I choose which ones show up without deleting them entirely on the Record Layout? 

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                      The Contact List Report is a "set" report.  You can always go into the layout and remove the fields you don't want to display.  However, you may want to duplicate the layout (keep the original), and modify the duplicated layout to what you want displayed.  Then, switch to that layout when you want only specific fields showing.



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                        I am so sorry. I guess I am not explaining this clear.

                        Here it is in detail:

                        I am using the Contact Management Template that came with the program.

                        I enter all the company members and their information on the Record Detail Layout.

                        I want to generate a list that displays and organises all of the members by department.

                        That being said I don't want the list to display blank spaces for Cell, Fax, Email, etc.

                        The way I have it set up now is all of the fields from Record Detail Layout are copied on the List Layout.

                        But if a member does not have a cell number that field show as "Cell:          "

                        How can I tell the list to display the "Cell" field only if there is information in it.

                        Also how can I thell the list to display some of the members and not display others?

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                          In the Contact List report, it shows one column title for "Cell".  If there are five records with a Cell entry and five records without a Cell entry, how do you want that title to display?


                          Do you actually mean the Form view?  In that case, you can set conditional formatting for the label.  In layout mode, select the "Cell" label, pull down the Format menu and select "Conditional..."   Add a new condition with the formula: IsEmpty (Cell).  Click on Text Color and change it from black to white.  Now, whenever the Cell field is empty, the label will be white on white (invisible).  Does that help?



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                            That is precisely what I am trying to do, but it will not let me.

                            It says either: the specified field cannot be found

                            or                : the specified table cannot be found

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                              In the calculation dialog box, remove the formula.


                              In the upper-right, there is a listing of functions.  Scroll down and double-click on:


                              IsEmpty ( field )


                              In the bottom half of the dialog box, that function should now appear with "field" being highlighted.


                              In the upper-left, there is a listing of fields.  Double-click on your cell phone field.  If it isn't listed there, then select the correct table.


                              Once done, then click OK.


                              Let me know how that works.



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                                It did work. Thank you very much.

                                But I still have a couple of issues.

                                On the Record Detail Layout I have Cell, Home, Work and Fax fields.

                                Let's say that a given contact has a Cell and Work numbers entered in the fields.

                                With the current setting I see the Cell field, than under it there is a space since there is no Work number and than I see the Work field. 

                                Can I make the Work field move up under the Cell field, when there is no information in the Home field.

                                Also can I select which contacts will be listed on the contact management list and leave some of the off the list.

                                Thank you so much for working with me on this.

                                It is greatly appreciated.

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                                  I'm happy you got it working.


                                  You cannot easily have a field appear in place of another field on a layout.  However, when you go to print, you can have fields to slide up if there is empty space.  You would do this by going into Layout Mode, selecting both Cell, Home and Work fields, pulling down the Format menu and selecting "Set Sliding/Printing...", and check the options to Sliding up based on "Only directly above".


                                  The Find command will allow you to find a set of records and limit the number of records you can display.  You can then switch to a list layout and print.



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                                    Thank you so much for all the help.

                                    It does work perfectly!