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Listing Value List (Checkbox) Selections

Question asked by Annette on Dec 18, 2012
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Listing Value List (Checkbox) Selections



     I have two questions regarding listing out as text the information entered in a checkbox set. 

     I know I can create list with comma to list all the items selected by creating a calculation which says:

     Substitute ( List(field); ¶ ; ", " )

     That works fine for some things.  But what I would like to do is be able to merge in a letter the items checked in the set and put "and" before the last item listed if there is more than one.  e.g. I like red, blue, orange and green.  (Colours being the selections checked in the value list.  Can this be done? 

     Also I would like to create a field which would have some text based on singular or plural words depending on if there is more than one item selected in the checkbox list.  e.g My favorite colors are red, blue, orange and green.  (or My favorite color is...if there is only one option checked).  Is this possible?