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Question asked by WinstonChurchill on Nov 1, 2010
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I thought I'd begun to understand things a little better, with a lot of help from here I've managed to start working out most of my own scripts and functions now, however this one seems like it should be easy but has me stumped.

I'm after using a field (say field "list") that will show collective data from (say field "name") as a list, for all records where field "A" and field "B" match the current record.

I've tried numerous approaches (field calculation, script on record load, global and non global fields) and whilst I can find/sort records that match the criteria, only the "name" of the current record is ever placed in field "list" and not the other record "names" where fields A & B match.

All fields are in the same table, fields A & B are not on current layout.