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           What are some methods of getting a listing of results like portal rows, and Value List lists. I was using ValueList() function but I am thinking there may be better way. Also you have to make a Value List to use it. What are some other methods for generating a return separated list? I am also interested in knowing how a list could be made in to clickable links. I realize the second question is intricate and could specific to the application, but if anyone has seen good example I would like to know. This would be good to understand.

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               Could you be a bit more specific about what you want to do? There are quite a few options and many may not apply to your specific case.

               You can list them as individual records in a list or table view. This might even be in a small window popped up for that purpose.

               You can use the List function to get a list of items from a related table or from items specifically included as a parameter in the function call.

               ExecuteSQL (fileMaker 12 only) can be used to generate a return separated list of values.

               WindowNames returns a list of all open windows separated by returns.

               ValueListItems can return a list of values separated by returns and before ExecuteSQL became possible, this was often the best way to "query" a table to get such a list with duplicates omitted automatically.

               And recursive custom functions are sometimes used to generate such lists of values.

               Scripts often build lists of values in a loop or using Copy All Records.

               Calculations sometimes use substitute to replace a delimitting character in the field with a return so that the "values" functions can be used to manipulate the data in the field.

               The simplest way to make the items in the list clickable is to display them as records in a portal or on a list view layout. Then the field storing the data can be converted into a button via Button Setup to serve as your clickable control.

               It is also possible (as long as you are NOT using FileMaker GO), to set up a field with the OnObjectEnter script trigger to perform a script that uses the insertion point generated by the mouse click to determine what value in the return separated list of values was clicked. But this is a more complex method than just using a list view or portal to produce a clickable list of items. If you want to see an example, download my Known Bugs List database and take a look at the box on the First Layout (not found when opened on an iPhone), that lists all open FileMaker windows such that you can click a window listed in it to select that window and bring it to the front: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jt09b82i0xijbu3/FMP%20Bugs.zip

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                 That was extremely helpful as a starting place, I don’t have anything specific I want to do right now but has come up from time to time and I know it will again. I am very interested in the Execute SQL method you speak off. I want to arm myself with the knowledge for when it is time to do something with it.

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                   Any examples of ValueListItems and ExecuteSQL returning lists and then building a table. Querying a table sounds exciting. Is it after this query a table can be automatically generated? I really need to understand how tables are auto generated in FileMaker. I can see how this must be very useful to solve a number of problems. Here is a mini mimic of the database I am building.



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                     But what do you mean by "automatically generate a table"?

                     Creating new tables (as defined in Manage | Database | Tables) on the fly is very unlikely to be a workable approach in FileMaker Database solutions.

                     pulling up and displaying a set of records from an existing table in a list or table like view, on the other hand, is frequently done and there is more than one way to do that.

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                       Then maybe I am miss understanding some of what I have been reading. It sounded like it was saying that for the more dynamic options with things like Value List you could put what you want to traverse in a table? I think I ran away with what was said and thought of the table being auto generated. My question if if this is dynamic content there must be a way to have a field of data always update, from data in another table? Not an auto generated table. I need to learn how to do this, and  above you speak of returning a list of values with duplicates omitted automatically. That is what I am interested in doing.

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                         That's all a bit fuzzy and thus I can think of multiple methods that all produce different results but any one of which might be what you have in mind.

                         Can you provide an example of what you mean?