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Lists in a portal

Question asked by Chubbie on May 13, 2010


Lists in a portal


I want to create several lists in one portal.


I have 4 DB's: company details / company contacts / projects / project contacts

I want my portal to look like this:


In my projects DB:


Companygroup   Companyname   Companyservice   Contactperson with email and function                  Direct mailing

This field                Here I want a         With the group       This is a field I created in (company contacts)       = E or F or N (in company contacts).

has 10 options     list of all the           and name this        Here there should be a list of all the contacts

So I need a list      names                   should appear        in the company. I want to choose 1 of them.

where I can            with the group       automatically.

choose from         as filter.                   (company details)

and use it as a     (company details)


(company details)


I want to choose from the first list. Use this first list as a filter to choose from the second list. Use these 2 lists to fill in the 3 field and then choose from the 4 field the contactperson. This should fill in automatically the last field.

The chosen fields should be used in DB Project contacts. I don't want them to chance the other records in the other DB.

I allready created a button to remove the records in the portal. This works fine. :)


I'm a new user with experience in other DB's.

Using Windows 7 and FM 11.