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Lists with caluclations

Question asked by icelille999 on Oct 10, 2013
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Lists with caluclations


     I'm trying to create a calculation that allows for a count on how many items there are in a certain kit. There are sometimes the same item needed in several different kits. I created a calculation field called "Qty in Kits", and created a calculation that looks like this:



          If ( List ( In Kits )  =  Materials::Assembly Number & List ( In Kits ) ≠ "Not found in any kits"; List ( Materials::QtyPrt ) ; "False" )

     What happens, is for the items that are only in kits, the calculation comes back the way I want it to.., but if it is in more than one kit, the calculation comes back with a question mark, not even false. Even with items that in no kits, the calculation does not even come up with "false", just a blank space. When deleting,



          & List ( In Kits ) ≠ "Not found in any kits"

     The calculations at least start coming back as false if it can't figure it out like with items that are "Not in any kits", but it still shows false on items that are in more than one kit.


     Thank you for any help.