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    Lists within a list



      Lists within a list



           Is it possible to have lists within a list when in list view for filemaker?  What I have are invoices that go out to the clients.  The invoices have a list of invoiced items of course but for accounting purposes a second more details document is sent to the accounting department.

           I'm currently reworking our database and this particular accounting document is in list view and lists out each individual transaction and then has a portal to list out the breakdown details of each individual transaction.  The issue with this is that you are limited to a certain number of breakdown detail transactions because it's a portal.  Would it be possible to somehow make the portal list into a scalable list within the list of transactions?

           Wow, that a whole lot of the word list!


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               While you could make that portal very large and then set it to slide up/resize enclosing part, it's not likely to be your best option here.

               You appear to have these tables/relationships:


               If you set up your layout based on Details, you can get a list view type report that looks like this:

               Invoice Data (customer name, date of invoice, invoice number, etc.)
                   LineItem Data (Item ID, Quantity, price, description, etc.)
                         Details for LIne item
                         Details for Line item
                   Line Item Data

               Fields from Invoice would be placed in a header, leading grand summary part or a sub summary part (when sorted by Invoice ID).

               Fields from LineItems would be placed in a sub summary part (when sorted by LineItemID)

               Fields for Details would be placed in the Body of the layout.

               To produce your report you would:

               A) Perform a find or use Go To Related Records to pull up a found set of Details Records for the specified invoice or group of invoices.

               B) Sort the records by the fields specified for the sub summary layout parts to properly group the records and to make the sub summary parts visible.

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                 Yes of course, perfect.  Thank you Phil!