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    Loading Problem



      Loading Problem


      I have 6 compyetrs on my network that all load correctly. My personal computer loads totaly diferent. The screen does not even look the same and does not allow me to enter any of the fields. After about 15 Minutes Filemaker works normally and continues to work great.

      I tried reloading the program and it did not help.


      Any Ideas?



      Version 8.5

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          Just to rule out the obvious, you are all connecting to a shared database via the Open Remote method?


          You aren't using instant web publishing and you or your other users are connecting via a web browser?

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            We have filemaker pro server no instant web publishing.

            Thanks for your input, any Ideas?

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              "The screen does not even look the same "

              How is it different from the other computers?


              I asked a question before that wasn't clearly answered: Do you and your users connect to the hosted database using open remote from the file menu? (It's possible to open a file on your machine that then links to the hosted files on the server and I'm trying to make sure that's not a possible explanation for the difference.)