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    Loading with serial number



      Loading with serial number


      I load records from Excel into my database like most people do. I have an ID field that counts a serial number starting on creation. Is this supposed to put a serial number on my new imported records or do I add the ID in my excel data before I import. I know putting it in excel aoutomatically makes the auto enter serial in filemaker jump to wherer the excel file left off but I jsut thought it would be easier if filemaker just put the serial number on the record automatically. Is this possible?



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          You have the option of filemaker auto-entering a serial number or not depending on the options you choose during import.


          Right after the mapping fields dialog is dismissed, you'll get another dialog with a check box and text asking whether you want to "perform auto-enter options..." If you select this option any auto-enter options you've defined on your fields (including auto-enter serial number) will be performed automatically on each imported record.