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      Local & Web publishing


      Hey guys,


      So we have a database that is being hosted on an office WiFI network via Filemaker Server. Now I also want to publish this file for remote use.


      I guess maybe I don't know enough about networks but things don't seem to be adding up. I tried to follow these instructions: http://www.filemaker.com/products/iphone/php.html


      But I can't do step 3 because I don't have a "security" tab available when I look at the file.


      I've tried instant web publishing but it's my understanding that that is not available when FMP and FMServer are installed on the same computer.


      So what am I to do? I also realize I'll need to do some port mapping but can't seem to get far enough for that to be the issue.


      Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. Would love to be able to use this database online...maybe even on an iphone if possible.


      Thanks again to all,



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          Manage > Security is a change in FileMaker 11, which in previous versions is Manage > Accounts & Privileges


          The article you were looking at is for Custom Web Publishing (CWP), not IWP. If you want to use FileMaker Server (FMS) for IWP, you need FMS Advanced. CWP does not require FMS Advanced.


          You're right that FMP running on the same machine as FMS will have a port conflict.

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            Understood. What I have is FM pro and FMS on the same computer. But I wouldn't really need FM Pro on there because it's a server computer that we don't actually use. So should I delete FM Pro? would that allow me to use FMS and instant web publishing? Right now it simply doesn't allow me to check that box.


            Or should I use custom publishing? I've had a difficult time understanding what publishing method would serve me best...IWP seems the most straight forward solution but when would I prefer PHP or XML? I can't make sense of the official publication...


            Thanks for all your help!



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              I just realized something: I'm hosting our database using FMS in the office. I'd want to use the same computer to host it over the web. So if I delete FMS it will be online but not in the office. If I delete FMP i can host it in the office but for instant web publishing to work the file has to be open on a computer, right? So what's the solution? I wish this part of FM was a little clearer....

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                Got an answer. Thanks again guys.