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Local Database initialize?

Question asked by RickSuter on Jul 19, 2011
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Local Database initialize?


What's my easiest option to change the global gLastLoginHolder? I'd like to reset it for several users to allow SYNC to "refresh" an blank local DB for them. Dirty details: Several of my users have attempted to use logins from both an Admin type person as well as the rightful owner which is a sales type for remote access. The admin was creating Leads then syncing them back to the server under the sales guy's login. Of course then the sales guy tried to sync and expected to get those new leads from the server to his local database. Our SYNC scripts gave him nothing because of the modified date versus his last login date. My theory is that I can just give the sales guy a blank local database and reset his last login date on server then let him sync. Make sense? thank you, Rick